Voter turnout will depend on the balance of two factors

Voter Engagement V’s Voter Fatigue.

For the Independents some good news, many Labour strongholds were won on VERY low turnouts, 9 out of 10 lowest turnouts are Labour with the other being Libdem Viz;

Constiuency MP at 2010 Electorate T/O
Glasgow North East Willie Bain 59859 49.13
Glasgow Central Anas Sarwar 60062 50.91
Glasgow East Margaret Curran 61516 52.29
Glasgow South West Ian Davidson 58182 54.62
Airdrie and Shotts Pamela Nash 62364 57.48
Glasgow North Ann McKechin 51416 57.59
Aberdeen North Frank Doran 64808 58.17
Glasgow North West John Robertson 60968 58.36
Motherwell and Wishaw Frank Roy 66918 58.46
Orkney and Shetland Alistair Carmichael 33085 58.47