Dunfermline and West Fife – Key Issues


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Pitcorthie Primary School – LINK

Cara Hilton (Labour Scion) won the Holyrood seat on the back of a campaign to keep this seat open and then propmtly voted to close it whilst serving as both MSP and councillor, she now blames the Scottish Government for closing it.  Thomas Docherty MP and Ms Hilton have combined with the Dunfermline Press to try to shift the blame onto the SG.


Panelbase poll: SNP Westminster and Holyrood lead

The Scottish National Party published findings of a new poll commissioned by the party and conducted by Panelbase this week – which shows a 15-point lead for the SNP in Scottish Parliament constituency voting intentions, and even puts the SNP ahead of Labour for the next Westminster general election.

Welcoming the poll, the SNP’s Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“Coming on top of the SNP gaining more than 50,000 new members since the referendum, these poll ratings are exceptionally good. After over seven years in office, the SNP have a 15-point lead over Labour for the Scottish Parliament, and are even in the lead for the next Westminster general election. At a similar stage in the 2007-11 Holyrood term, Labour had a double-digit lead over the SNP – and we went on to achieve a landslide victory. This time, the SNP have a double-digit lead.

“The situation after the referendum is redolent with opportunity for Scotland, and the SNP have the wind in our sails. Scotland was promised ‘extensive new powers’ in return for a No vote in a solemn vow by the Westminster parties. They are showing every sign of having to be dragged kicking and screaming to deliver on their vow.

“The more people in Scotland join and back the SNP, the stronger the pressure on Westminster to fulfil their pledge – and that is the key driver in soaring SNP membership and support.”

The poll details are as follows:


* If a Scottish Parliamentary election was held tomorrow, who would you vote for with your constituency vote?
SNP: 42%
Labour: 27%
Conservative: 15%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
UKIP: 5%
Other: 5%

* And who would you vote for with your regional vote?
SNP: 37%
Labour: 27%
Conservative: 16%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
Greens: 9%
UKIP: 4%
Other: 1%

* If a UK Parliamentary election was held tomorrow, who would you vote for?
SNP: 34%
Labour: 32%
Conservative: 18%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
UKIP: 6%
Other: 5%

Note: The poll was conducted from 29 September to 1 October, among 1,049 adults resident in Scotland aged 16+. All the results were weighted by age, sex, household tenure, country of birth and socio-economic group. Respondents who voted in the 2011 Holyrood election and/or 2014 European elections were weighted back to the actual election results. UK voting intention was weighted to reflect the 2010 Westminster election rather than 2011.

High Voter Turnout Good for Independents? – Draft

Voter turnout will depend on the balance of two factors

Voter Engagement V’s Voter Fatigue.

For the Independents some good news, many Labour strongholds were won on VERY low turnouts, 9 out of 10 lowest turnouts are Labour with the other being Libdem Viz;

Constiuency MP at 2010 Electorate T/O
Glasgow North East Willie Bain 59859 49.13
Glasgow Central Anas Sarwar 60062 50.91
Glasgow East Margaret Curran 61516 52.29
Glasgow South West Ian Davidson 58182 54.62
Airdrie and Shotts Pamela Nash 62364 57.48
Glasgow North Ann McKechin 51416 57.59
Aberdeen North Frank Doran 64808 58.17
Glasgow North West John Robertson 60968 58.36
Motherwell and Wishaw Frank Roy 66918 58.46
Orkney and Shetland Alistair Carmichael 33085 58.47

Lib Dem Collapse ? – Draft

There has been a general assumption that the Libdem vote in Scotland will collapse after their coalition with the Tories.

There is some truth to this however they always seem to keep their vote up in some areas, Where they have MP’s they tend to be very strong presence (Sorry guys Carmichael going to be a bugger to shift).

2010 General Election results;

Labour 41 0 59 0 1,035,528 42.0 +2.5
Liberal Democrat 11 0 59 0 465,471 18.9 -3.7
SNP 6 0 59 0 491,386 19.9 +2.3
Conservative 1 0 591 2 412,855 16.7 +0.9

The Libdem’s had 25 thousand fewer votes than the SNP but gained nearly twice as many seats.  In fact the SNP needed three times as many votes as Labour per seat.

Voting Factor – UKIP


What effect will the rise of UKIP have on your constituency?

UKIP have very few ‘boots on the ground’ but do seem to attract an enviable amount of media coverage for a party with (as yet) no MP/MSP’s and only one elected member in the whole of Scotland.

UKIP are trying hard to attract disaffected Labour voters the very sort SNP have been attracting over the past few years.

For a great account of how UKIP will affect the 2015 GE read >This<